Our rules of engagement 2024

Our partnership? Think of it as coffee brewing: too much micromanaging over-steeps, but balance makes magic. Our guidelines ensure a rich, smooth blend. To successful sips together!

Understand your audience
Online communication plan
Build trust through email
Engage through social media
Optimise your website
January 2024
Written by
Finn Theunis
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10 min read

Deliver on time so we can too

We both aim for the project to meet its deadline. However, our ability to achieve this depends heavily on receiving timely information, materials, inputs, or approvals from you, our client. Delays in providing these items will likely result in delays in meeting the set deadlines.

Time = money so more time = more money

Many hidden factors can make a simple task bigger. If a task takes longer, it will need more financial support from our client.

Rome wasn't built in a day

Good strategies need time and effort. While we work hard for our client's online success, time is what makes a strategy truly GREAT.

Make your payments as timely as a Swiss watch

We ensure our clients stick to timely payments, thinking it's a better choice than us sending rubber ducks until their offices look like a bathtub convention.

Clear and kind communication is key

While coffee fuels our day, kindness steers our conversations. For any inquiries, an email or a WhatsApp during business hours is your best bet. Just a heads-up: DMs on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook aren't our cup of tea.

Be transparant and don’t keep secrets

We are here to help your gallery go to the moon and back! So when you have feedback, directions or information, please share it with the team. We’re in this together.

Third time’s the charm

There is no shame in asking the same question again. With new systems, buzzwords, artistry, workflow stages, or team faces, it's okay to seek clarity. And if the first response doesn't do the trick? Repeat your request. Better to ask twice than to end up in a tight spot.

Don’t leave us hanging…

When there's no word from you for 3 straight working days, the project thinks it's coffee break time... a really long one. So, let's keep the lines hot and frothy to prevent any unintended espresso... I mean, extended breaks!

We take risks - for good reason

We keep our clients’ best interests in mind and ensure everything we do is founded upon strategy. Micromanaging our team and stifling our creativity – tempting though it may be – only creates roadblocks.

We want to show off!

We treat our strategies like the final season of a great TV show – no spoilers until our client's watched the premiere. But once they have? Expect reruns on our end because it's too good not to share!

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